Monday, August 8, 2011


Looks like NM's planned changes are happening. I've gotten a few reports from people who were logged in. They can't even view videos without paying.

So here's a quick fix for that.

1. You can still unlog and watch videos if you are a "Guest Viewer"

2. You can still get embed codes that way too.

My guess is that if most of you are asked to pay to upload, you'll choose other sites.

Here are some of them. Just click on their names to go to them:

There's like THE KITTY SHACK, XTUBE, SLUTLOAD, (not a great option, they take down adult content) and there's THE INFERNO too. Also, Ruff Brocco has started to do PRIVATE uploads on YOUTUBE and uses that link on his own site: Gangbang Brothas.

All of this means that it will be hard to see all the new videos in one place. Well, we're here to help that.
We're going to introduce a new feature called NEW MOVIE PREMIERES.

1. Just leave the link of the new movie in the comments section of the blog. Do it under this article or any new movie premiere article.

2. Put the embed code in their too. PLEASE...or we'll just mention your video and not play it.

3. We'll add your movie to the NEW PREMIERES page the next time we check comments.

We won't list your comment in the comments section. We'll just add your film.
You can still leave regular comments their too, of course :)

Pretty simple, huh!


  1. Just a comment here.

    Naughty Machinima is pay "atm" we aren't sure if it will stay that way, tho it would be a rip off to those who paid so far for a membership if it goes back to free.
    You can say were moving into a new home, the old home has been up for 3 long years with no funding to add furniture, and water, and for almost 3 long years we homeless people had a place to stay for FREE, although I must say the man letting us live there should have known his room capacity, and put a limit way before he let others live there so it wouldn't get over crowded, then again it don't matter, any independent home would average the same without support, and over the course of 3 years, during around half of the 2nd year we started noticing leaks and mice. and yadda yadda yadda

    I think change is good honestly, lets see what happens, but just know no matter who the site belongs to, one day it will have a leak.
    Sometimes it takes longer than others, but it happens when you can't fund yourself.

  2. I think very few people will pay. Not only that, if you have uploaded content to NM you now have to buy a membership to change what you have up there.

    Naughty Machinima can easily survive by providing links to paid for content sites. It just takes some work to do this.

    BTW do NOT directly embed live web links from any paid sex site into your blog -- Google will most likely drop you from search. They do not like hotlinks to paid sex sites.

  3. I'm not surprised NM is going to a pay model and to be honest I don't have much sympathy for them. They've been great in the past as a site for us to upload and view our naughty stuff, but from a business standpoint I can see why they need more revenue to offset their bandwidth costs. A site like that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month in bandwidth costs alone.

    Why don't I have much sympathy? For 2 weeks straight I was trying to contact them about advertising rates. Not only is their contact form broken to this day, 3 PMs have gone unanswered practically *begging* them to give THEM money for advertising. When you don't respond to potential advertisers how much income will you get? Nada.

    Moving forward I'm probably going to be using a site that's also compatible with various in-world TVs like NHC. As far as sites like Youtube,,, etc are all supported but on the porn side, Pornrabbit, Redtube, Youporn, and I believe Xtube are supported as well. Other flash-based sites like The Kitty Shack and Slutload could be supported as well.

    This isn't a commercial for NHC :) Not to get too geeky but any TV (technically, any viewer like Firestorm, Phoenix, Viewer 2) that can view flash-based videos can play any adult site. The TVs themselves just need to be able to support them because there is scripting involved to "redirect" the movie itself to the TV. Hope that made a little sense.. :)

    The SL porn community is obviously not going away just because NM is going to a pay model for the moment. There are lots of other sites where we can show off our naughty sides.. :) Keep up the great work on trying to consolidate the links where everyone is uploading to.

  4. Edited Version of comments:
    So it's Muze fault for not setting limits, huh? If anything is his fault it would be trusting people to govern themselves and not have to be a babysitter. Funny how adults can be so immature. Walk out your house... Is there a "Do not rape" sign on every street corner? Is there a do not steal" sign on every corner? Some things are common sense and learned behaviors. I come from the school of if someone does something nice for you that you don't take advantage of it and make then second guess their kindness. 90% of the people of this community didn't care about Naughty machinima in the long run just themselves. Use and abuse... a site the did so much for this community... and it was used up and tossed aside like a used condom. So now all the videos are going to be shown on this site? All I have to say is "Epic Fail". It might be good for a few blogs hits, but in the end you can't replace naughty machinima.
    By Rayven Baily on NAUGHTY MACHINIMA CHANGES. AND SO WILL WE. on 8/8/11

  5. Yep I agree with everything you're saying. I think the biggest problem was simply offsetting the bandwidth costs. Without replying to potential advertisers the income goes downhill quick.

  6. Shit I dont know how to post here...
    I try the Anonymos option..
    This Is from Saffo Alvarez:

    I realy love NM cause its an virtual-sex-only site
    And it was great to have feedback on our works over comments.
    In all the other pornsites offering free uploadspace..we will be hard to find.
    Agrees to all DJ and Scooby said!
    Myself would have no problem to pay 35USD a year for an account..but the ppl just watching and not uploading should be able to comment and vote!
    I tryed the works good but is restricted a lot to uploadspace and badwidth..whatever that means...

  7. I do feel NM can be saved, and still be the hub of our scene if this free option is made available to existing members. Not just an option for brand new members signing up as it is now.

    I would welcome the restrictions, especially if they per longed the life of NM. I love the site. if we all had the free option, bandwidth and space would be managed effectively enough for Muze to continue i would hope.

    Here is the free option copied from NM for brand new members...

    Free monthly access with the following settings. Once your account reaches these limits, you will either have to pay for an account or wait until the following month for your quota(s) to reset. Thank you.
    0.49 GB video upload space
    4.88 GB bandwidth per month
    Register for 30 daysfree upload

    This means you can upload around 2 and a half times what you could upload before in one go, but now per month. Possibly 3 movies a month if you use your codecs well. Bandwidth, is literally what you "download" from the site personally. if you watch a 200mb movie, then you've used 200mb of bandwidth, if you refresh that movie, another 200mb..and so on, going by that probably watching 30-40 movies a month might use up all your alloted bandwidth, and you'd have to wait for the following month to have it all reset and begin again.

    Arwen got a new account with this free option, we share it, so we're ok, because she never had an account before. But many old members are restricted to one account per IP address, they cannot get a new account. This is wrong. It's also responsible for the slow down, and the usual summer slowdown has magnified this even more.

    SL Porn is not dead! If you love making movies, and being involved we will find ways. I love movie making more than NM, whatever happens i will always carry on. Releasing my movies on this blog and my own, and the other sites around.


  8. First off, it was never my intention to prevent members from viewing their own content. More on that later.

    DJQuad: I never received any PMs from you regarding advertising or I most certainly would have responded. Perhaps something went wrong with the PM system but I have no shortage of complaints about this one or that one in my inbox so I think it's working. I even checked the backend database and there are no messages from you. Did you use DJQuad to contact me?

    I'm sorry for the broken contact form. It came to my attention reading a comment here and I fixed it immediately. It was working about a month ago and I simply wasn't aware.

    How did it break? Well I hired a programmer to help with making changes to the site. My goal was to:

    1. Add improvements, fix bugs.
    2. Convert to limited free/pay site, or close the site.

    This programmer is no longer responding after months of working on the site. Unfortunately many of the changes he made broke. The original outline for the pay site was to absolutely allow users to still edit/view/delete/etc their own videos, respond/delete comments. That didn't get implemented.

    Now if you are concerned about not being able to watch your own videos, just don't try to login. The guest user is unlimited, because it was also not implemented correctly. This will change, but first I want to allow free members to still login and view their own content. When that's resolved, guest users will be limited, and will have to create an account, which can be free (with monthly limits).

    I have another programmer who I will have take over the project.

    I have no desire to close it down and I thank those who are helping to support the site. If it were to shut down everyone would get REFUNDS. I would hope that was obvious but someone suggested otherwise.

    "Naughty Machinima can easily survive by providing links to paid for content sites. It just takes some work to do this. "

    Please don't claim to know how to financially support my site through ads. That's how I've been making a living for over a decade. My other site, which is free, succeeds because it's relatively low bandwidth - the complete opposite of a streaming video site - and users visit it looking for adult games and similar, and a certain percentage is ready to spend some money. They aren't looking to watch videos or upload large files.

    Someone did contact me several times through several methods about advertising something in SL. I responded every time with a yes and the appropriate info and wouldn't hear back every time or for several months, so that situation was too unreliable. That's the grand total of requests for advertising I've received, so don't act like I'm turning down advertisers at every turn.

    I don't want to ONLY support the site (although I will; if it breaks even I can live with that). I have to profit as well. This is how I make a living. For years the site has just bled money. It was always my intention to profit, and I hoped ads would serve that purpose. Perhaps better targeting would help, but it's unlikely.

    One IP address per user is for security reasons.

    Finally, perhaps the restrictions will change, when I find other ways to add value to paying members, while loosening the limits.