Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SLPORN Previews: Alexandr Aho & Miah Zenovka

There have been nineteen films uploaded to SLPORN since Grim’s impressive ‘U.S.O.-rgy’, recently reviewed by Serenity.
Today we’d like to take a closer look at Alexandr Aho's latest film starring himself and Miah Zenovka.
Although I do not know Alexandr Aho personally, I have long been aware of his photography, his porn films and his contribution to the SL adult community.
I first saw his photography from clicking a link in his profile to his blog. His pictures are always well composed, clean and sexy and are also often accompanied with a delicious lemon-twist of humour. I particularly enjoy Alex’s ‘Unlimited Fucking’ series.
Alexo brings his natural sense of composition and framing to his movies. It is clear his film sequences have been edited with thought, with intention and with a deliberate goal in mind. Alexo knows what view he is trying to present to his audience, then crafts that view from his available raw footage.
What I especially like about Alexo’s films is his camera work. The camera is always moving, probing, investigating and searching for new and interesting angles to explore. Not for Alexo is the technique of just turning on FRAPS and simply recording a series of static scenes as a “movie”. No, Alexo’s camera is intimately involved in the scene – and it is defining the scene itself.
Alexo uses his camera as an extension of his artistic eye. The camera is a dynamic and energetic tool in his hands.
His latest offering to SLPORN is one of the bedrocks of pornography – the casting couch. There is very little story, as such. Quite rightly.
The casting couch scenario gives a pornographer a simple background with which to work; there are well-defined boundaries and no unnecessary complications. That Alexo has managed to extend the ordinary limits of this particular porn format with his own style and individuality is a credit to him as a film maker.
Pixie xx
 ‘AleXo Casting 18 – Miah Zenovka’…

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