Sunday, September 30, 2012


Barbie* She is a dirty dancer...
Barbie Does Second Life.
A very popular and useful feature on the Pornstars Blog is our Fashion Blog Roll. If you need inspiration for your look, or want to see some of the designs which are hot right now, for clothes, lingerie, and accessories. They really have to be checked out. Follow the links in this post, or check out the Blog Roll daily here on Pornstars by scrolling down to see it on the right hand side bar.

Grace Silverweb : Who, What, Where? Fashion Blog.

All the fashion blogs are worked on so hard by the girls. The content always impresses me, the presentation too making them great to view with stunning photography and modelling on show.

I'm very sure it's more than her cup cakes bringing the boys to the yard. From Bootie and Boobies Blog.

I'm featuring three here today. Including Lysie's amazing "Barbie Does Second Life", Grace Silverweb's "Who What Where fashion Blog", and the ultimate Pornstar fashion blog, "Bootie and Boobies".

Bootie and Boobies Blog has info on the upcoming "Swag Fest" fashion event which starts on October 1st. Plus their usual blend of Porn style photography mixed with fashion.

Grave Silverweb, can effortlessly combine sultry, sexy looks with style and elegance with a huge amount of variation of looks on her blog. Always one of my favourites. With very detailed and full style cards.

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