Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pornstar Party Starlet

It was Friday night and as many of you know by now, that means it's party time within the pornstar world. And time for me to get my camera out and do one of the many things I do at a pornstar party to help get you noticed and to give you some screen time.

We have block parties on a Friday so at least everyone can make at least one of them, well with the first party over and done with, we all headed off to Jungle Lust where I picked this weeks pornstar party starlet/stud. And this week I picked someone I'm we all know from in group chat and/or from in world. I give you PrincessAshling.

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I joined the group to branch out and become a star  but instead i met allot of friends that helped me on my way. I was told i have the sexy cute look that everyone likes and wants . then after becoming the princess of porn  it kind of took off from there  i have worked with allot of  goods photographers  in sl 
i like to hang out with my friends  and flirt  like all girls do... I am new at taking photos  so i am learning  quickly ...
when i am not doing sets or dancing at clubs i am being a brat  someplace with Maria  ..
I am honored to be starlet of the week  :) 

♥Keeley Snowfall♥

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