Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pornstar Party Stud

Well I've done a lot of posts with the starlets.. and now it's time to show off the studs in the group.. for all you cock hungry girls and I'm sure guys too. Well I was on the look for someone after getting the party at Jungle Lust up and running and I found someone. He's someone we all know from either working with him or just seeing him in chat and at other parties.

So this week. I bring you Graham Collinson as the Pornstar Party Stud, I took some pictures of him while he wrote something's about himself in a note card, so you can maybe learn something new about him that you might not have known. Everything you read will be his own words, I will have not changed or added to it, well enjoy.

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Hi. My name is Graham.
I was just asked by Keeley to write a notecard about myself, and I have no clue what to write, so if its bad, I am truly sorry.
I joined SL in 08. Because of a stalker issue, I had to create Graham. My SL has since 2010 been based on pics. My rl mother is an artist, which I naturally always opposed to, so I keep what I do here to myself:)
I did portraits and landscapes for a long time. I saw some erotic material from time to time and wanted to show that they could be done properly, but didnt dare to try until I did a shoot with Colleen Criss in the late summer of 2012. It was posted on her webpage and later in the pornstar group. From that moment I have gotten deeper and deeper into this.
I am not primary after a career as a model in porn, but tend to end up on my pics when its needed and I like to model to learn from other photographers and directors.
I am flattered that I was asked to write this and a big thank you to Keeley for naming me.
Yours sincerely,

♥Keeley Snowfall♥

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