Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jenna Jameson & Emmanuelle Jameson : SL V's RL Porn Stars #1

Picture By. October Bettencourt.
Some may remember i tried to kick this feature off some time ago, but the Blogger poll was glitchy, and spoilt the whole idea.

Which was an ongoing poll, running along side posts featuring one of our top Second Life Porn stars, with a real life Porn Star. Us Second Life Porn people will come together over the weeks to make a team capable of going up against the RL Porn Stars! The poll on the right hand side bar will reflect how well we're doing.

I could not think of a better match up to re boot this series than the battle of the Jen's. Our own Emmanuelle, versus Jenna Jameson!

So check them out..Cast your vote, and watch out for the hottest Porn stars from both lives on this blog!

If you have a favorite Real Life or Second Life Porn star you'd like to see featured, just leave a comment on any of these posts. Vote for us Second Life Pornstars!!!

Picture By. October Bettencourt.

Picture By. Serenity.
Picture by Emmanuelle.

Picture By. October Bettencourt.
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Picture by Ivori Faith. Edited By Serenity.

Picture By Kirsten Smith.
Picture by Emmanuelle.

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