Thursday, November 21, 2013

~Tips and Advice from Pornstars ~

This is part for part 2 soon...and i threw in a few pics of some new people....

**sneek peek of a photo from my Christmas Beauty shoot.. - this is new comer Lesbian Lisa ( Cotton Candy)**

Its that time again for some more tips and advice from pornstars. I'll be honest.. this month i had a bit of a mind block. Thanks to some good friends and ideas and some interviews this is what  i got!

I try to gear these to the new people due to most of us older ones.. if we dont know something we know enough people that... well.. we just ask. For the newer people to the group isnt always that easy.  There some questions they also just hate to ask and yet they want to know.  Like " How DO i get started?" " why is it taking so long to get in a photo shoot or video?" Do you really ..have SEX during the shoots ?" and..the biggie... "SOooo do i HAVE to sleep with the director to get the job?"  ...SO well some of these i will give some answers too .. the others well .. its up to you  first of all and what you are wanting or willing to do and i guess who you work with.

Shannon 3P Solo 5
**Shannon Zero by Heaven Leigh Snowpaw thru 3P **

Lets go back tho to the first two questions. Easiest Answer i can give to getting started is join  the group. The Sexiest Pornstar group is a great group of people and a great way to get where you need to go to get started. By joining a group you can get to meet people thru the group chat conversations and parties.  The notices sent out by the group will not only let you see what casting jobs are being offered but will also lead you to the works of the directors and photographers. This way you can get a idea of the work we do and if theres someone out there that you might enjoy the work they do.

The pornstars group also has a blog.. which has alot of good info and insight into the porn world ( yep if your reading this your on it!!) Many of us have blogs too for you to  get to see our work.. also a flickr account.. get one its free and then you can check out alot of the work being shown there.
To see the movies out there theres slporntube (  and naughty machinima (

**showcasing another Christmas Beauty sneek peak.. of Bellarose**

Another great feature on the pornstar blog is at the top of the blog are tabs with advice for getting started in porn: acting and one for directing. Theres also in world the Porn Info Center ( ) where you can find and post info for the world of porn for second life. The 2nd floor has notecards for women and men getting started in porn... the info was taken from the blog just broken down a bit and some items added from the veterans of the porn world. So Go to parties... jump into group chats.. dont be afraid to say hi... we arent scary.. trust me !:)

Eva B

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