Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tutsy's 'Narcissus' - Wins Machinina Expo 2013 Grand Jury Prize!

Tutsy's Visit to our Porn scene. Metasex.

Tutsy Navarathna's movie 'Narcissus' won the Machinima Expo 2013! This is a 'World Machinima' Award. Taking in all types of Machinima from all possible sources.

Tutsy was a multiple Sexiest® Film Awards nominee this year. His quality, talent, and technical ability shone out in his entry into our awards, 'Metasex'. It was a huge inspiration to many on our scene, myself included, and was a tribute to Tutsy's talent that a erotic and artistic video ranked so highly and came so close to winning at an awards show known for out and out Porn.

Pixie Rain Blogged "'Narcissus' is one of the finest machinima I have ever seen. It looks like others agree! Incidentally, of the eleven machinima that went forward to the final "Jury" section of the contest, 'Narcissus' is the only one to have been filmed in Second Life."

Congrats to Tutsy. This is a fantastic achievement!

See 'Narcissus' below...

Thanks to Pixie Rain and her Blog for source info.

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