Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pornstars® Christmas Card Gallery #3

Have a Wonderful Christmas....From the Hard Alley Family!!

Spent a nice Christmas with your family? with your friends? With anyone you fancy? We all know that Xmas is an excellent time for a good stuffing and i hope you enjoyed it! Here's more xmas cards from our Sexiest Pornstars!

This Gallery was produced and compiled by Katina Cazalet. x

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas Flickr ♥

  Merry XxXmas everyone!

yay for christmas

Merry Christmas

Nawty Holidays......

Naughty or Nice

nudechristmascard_006 copy

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from VICE

♥ Merry Christmas to everyone ♥

Ace Christmas Card

Steamy Xmas Wishes 2

Merry Christmas

Christmas Wishes To All

Merry christmas 2013

(in order of appearance as always: Hard Rust with Spirit Eleonara and Jadely McAuley, Athena Obviate with Alexis and Daphne, Creamy Biscuit with Tie Littleboots, Ayara Illios and Maxis Sparta, Laura Demonista, Strawberry Singh with Chaddi Masala, Bewitched Difference with Woozer Paule (by Be), Nakuru Bergamasco, Elroy Click, Mallie Knox, Finn Millar, Zuby Gloom, Ace Nokkers, Rachel Swallows with Crow Mistwalker and Be, Texas Rob and Tate McRae, Starr Raine and Jewell Shinja....oh damn! Just done with the Xmas ones and now we have New Year's Eve cards to come in the next days too! know how to send them!)

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