Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tips and advice from pornstar Part 2 from November

Last month a did a part one of a Tips and Advice for new people... if you need a recap here is the link

So for this month... here is part 2...

Getting into a shoot or video - there's several things to go over here. We can go back to talking about watching for notices. Those doing casting calls via notice - watch for them and APPLY! Please don't be down harden  if they don't pick you.Trust me i have many moments that i feel bad when i cant pick all of you that apply. Also being rude into groups or to someone who did not pick you is no a smart move either. Another good tip is to not IM the photographer or director giving them a guilt trip ...doesn't give you brownie points either.

                             Thorgal McGillivary, Jewell Shinja and Eva Brunswick in Thors
                              movie "Toys in the Attic"  photo by Eva Brunswick

As far as sleeping with a director to get a job...- well my opinion is i wouldn't... if they want me ... they want ME..nor would i ask anyone for sex  first to be in my work... This is a job.. it should be fun yes.. but i don't believe people should have to put out to get a position.. and those that have worked with me... i don't say much on set... lol Enough Said...

Please feel free tho to send a note card or IM to  a photographer or director that you admire. Introduce your self.. keep it short and sweet... add a photo and times your in world is also helpful.
Just don't stalk :)

                                             Thorgal McGillivary and Eva Brunswick by Eva 

Now that i covered the bases in both parts there is some info that has been passed back to me when i talk to new people. Most wanted things explained more which i hope i have covered. Others feel that even with joining groups and going to party's and jumping into chat they still feel like a outsider. I will say it takes time.. it took me several months before i popped in  and people would say EVAAA...
There has been a suggestion..which might be possible?? a party maybe once a month or something for new people.. with a few veterans.. like a meet and great.. But where us veterans are there TOO
mingle with the new people... 

                                     Alexus Minotaur & Eva Brunswick by Eva for Porn Info Center

Studios to work with new people.. There ARE some out there.. Im wanting to put a list together and post it P.I.C so new people can grab a notecard and get the compilation of studios and photographers who work with new people. Also there is a flickr group called P.I.C. for photos of new people.. I will be using photos from there  along with my own for the pornstar blog post of new people. Here! 

                       Bud Solo, Katina Cazalet, Alexus Minotaur and Eva Brunswick... by Eva..
                        lol .. earlier in the year exploring a club that was next to PIC... spur of the
                       moment photo opp..

My big closer here is be.. PATIENT...all good things come to those who wait.. i know.. its hard, frustrating. My own career had a fast start with thor but it still took time and patience to get to know people and work with others...i had many up and down moments and still do.. dont we all? :)
MOSTLY - HAVE FUN...its why we are in sl right..??! (laughs that i have to remember that one.. so im not being told  "EVA! - you are married to your work!")

Eva B xo

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