Friday, January 31, 2014

Peeping Dom gets BUSTed!

Rachel bathtime_004

One of the trademarks of Obsession Studios' Dominic Dawes (or Dominic Dawes' Obsession Studios?) is certainly to produce professional pictures in veritable quantity. This shoot featuring mr. Dawes himself with the golden couple of Rachel Swallows and Crow Mistwalker caught my attention.
But nobody beats mr. Dawes himself when it comes to writing an exhaustive intro, so, in his words from his blog post:
A special thanks goes out to Crow and Rachel for allowing me to take these impromptu shots at their home. One of the most special people in my life, Rachel Swallows, is shown here taking care of herself just before two important men in her life take great care of her. Shot during intense and passionate role play like most Obsession Studios shoots, these images capture a sense of the heat that radiated from this sinsational set. To see the entire collection, visit the Flickr page and don't miss a shot.

Rachel bathtime_028
Rachel bathtime_036

Rachel bathtime_039

Rachel bathtime_047

Rachel bathtime_060

Rachel bathtime_074

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