Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pornstars Facials - Special Gallery!



Well yes! Not all of the pictures featuring (and by) the Sexiest® Pornstars are sexual in nature. We know a lot of you blog readers can appreciate quality pictures, and follow your favourite Stars in their endeavours. So, occasionally we are going to show the more glamorous side of our group members. If you are not a member of the in-world group The Sexiest:Pornstars, oh dear, log in and join now! There's lots of fun and opportunities waiting for you, not to mention free coffee.

Credits are at the bottom of the post. Successful portraits are always a mix of the different talents of the photographer and the model, and sometimes just sheer luck.

Feel free for the next installment of this gallery to send your favourite non porny- picture featuring yourself using the in world mailbox, or hitting me, Katina Cazalet, up in IMs with your choice.

This Gallery was produced and compiled by Katina Cazalet. x


Lou Moonlight


Erika Thorkveld paparazzoted

Kati & Tati

Pussie Galore


Miss Jewell Shinja


Kei (12.13.13)

Gwen and Moon

Meg Corral

Carla (7.12.13.a)

Emmanuelle Jameson

Image credits after the jump!!!

In order of appearance: Sandra Palletier, Ivori Faith (by Melinakis Resident), Lou Moonlight (pileup by Echo Bergman from a shot by Lou Moonlight), SerenityDreams Destiny, Arnno Planner's paparazzo jobs on Erika Thorkveld (1), Tatiana Easterwood and Katina Cazalet (2), Pussie Galore (3). Vince Lukather by Tatiana Easterwood. Jewell Shinja by DarkAngel Marenwolf. Maria Amor. Kei Frequency, Kayleigh Frost featuring (1) Gwendo Beck and Moon, (2) Meg Corral. Carla Draesia by Kei Frequency. Emmanuelle Jameson by October Bettencourt.

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