Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery : Jan 28

Being Selfish - A(nother) Blog Post

Welcome to the Official Pornstars® Gallery! The original, the biggest, the bloggest! There's always so much going on, thanks to the members of the in-world group (we are having our Sexxx Sells party later on at 1pm slt...it will be pimpin'! ) and all those of you who upload regulary on The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the The Erotique Reflections Group.
And of course, thanks to the fact that SL is for teh secs and the internet is for pr0n, of course.
But let's get into this: after all, if you wanted to read a long post, you'd have jumped straight into Beth Faulkner's blog (the link in our blogroll). Contrary to me, she has actually pretty insightful things to say!
And naughty pics too, like the one we open with.
But, we have much more nudity coming up...such as: Alex Avion, Copernico Ferraris, Graham Collinson with Sierra Talor, Anabelle Steele by her dad James Wolfgang, Paloma Bouvier by David Dowd, Deirdre Paulino, Trysten's shot of Trinity Ball. Then we bring you two pics by Dominic Dawes from his rp shoot with Harmony Whitfield, and two from Ayara Illios' shoot featuring Alisha Cedarbridge and Jamezz Doulton. We have then Bewitched Difference in thoughts, Shuougun in Carla Draesia, Zuby Gloom in between Draven Starflare and Trysten. Carla Draesia returns with her reflection, and we conclude with 2 pics by Sandra Palletier, from her opening. Which is not the one you might expect. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

My Mirror
meet with tomla II
Leyani WMD Photo E
Paloma y el Pelicano
Harmony gets ready_054
Harmony gets ready_068
Working Girls: Alisha
Working Girls: Alisha
In thoughs
rough way
The Opening
The Opening

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