Friday, January 17, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards News!!! : Awards/Statues For All Nominee's!

Serenity Models with the Mirko Panacek designed Statue. By Jinx Jiersen.

If you get Nominated as one of the 5 Nominee's in each of the nine categories in The Sexiest® Awards, what can you expect? Firstly, you'll be sent an invitation to attend the awards. Which in itself is a pretty amazing event, with live acts, and sexy hostess fang on voice. It's exclusive, with only the other Nominee's and V.I.P guests attending. There has been some amazing winners and nominee's over the years and it's a pretty special feeling to join that list. With the judges outside of SL Porn, or not involved heavily in our scene and community, there is no politics or favouritism involved in the voting, you are judged on face value for your looks, or your work alone.

The 'After Party' is open to all too so your friends who could not attend the show can all come along and join you. As the show itself is only open to Nominee's, organisers, judges, performers, and hosts. ( Due to lag and the event running smoothly the numbers have to be restricted. ).

To celebrate a very special achievement of being voted for and appearing at the Awards Show last year I introduced 'Nominee Statues'. This years organizers are keeping this new tradition going. Above is a very shiny Award Statue, just like the ones heading to Nominee's for this years THE SEXIEST® AWARDS! Potentially there could be 45 winners of this statue with 5 names appearing in each of the 9 categories. However, multiple nominations usually occur at the Awards. The Nominee Statues will carry the category name, so if you are a multiple nominee, you will get multiple statues! Somebody could have a very impressive mantle piece at home, with a few of these and a winners statue maybe!?

Keep it here for more awards news! Please use the entry forms attached to Pornstars group notices to enter. Or look out for entry form vendors at Pornstars Parties.

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