Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards Official Movie!

 The 2013 Sexiest Awards : Official Movie : Opium Films

The Sexiest® Awards is a huge and prestigious event. We've seen big names winning in past years, or we've seen big careers launched on our second Life Porn scene.

Enjoying a Hollywood style show too is a very exciting part of it as well. This is our 'Oscars'! The venue is purpose built, glamorous, and perfectly presented to make every winner, and every nominee feel very special. All Nominee's will receive a statue, this added to the nine category winners, should produce a lot of proud happy people and a memorable event. This year will be no exception, as building is under way on a brand new exclusive build for the show.

Last year Opium Films were asked to produce the Official Video of The Sexiest® Awards, and Toran Babenco and Opium released a very well edited and great snapshot of the event. If you've ever shot a movie in Second Life I'm sure you'll have even more appreciation for the great looking project they have put together here.

Enjoy these screen shots and watch the movie below.

See more screenshots and watch the movie after the jump!!! 

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