Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards : Where No Man Has Gone Before!

Serenity Kristan-Faulds. Pandora's Box.
This year will be the fourth annual Sexiest® Awards. The big question is, is this the year of the guys? Male directors have won many awards over the years, but so far the Best Director and Best Movie categories have all gone to the girls! ( So too has best actress! ).  So please guys..let's have your entry forms! 

Aprille Shepherd as Co Producer entered Emmanuelle Jameson's 'La Cagna Ricca' and won best movie in the first awards show. I was lucky enough to win best Director too at that one for 'Erotique Paradise Isle'. Also the following year too, for 'Pandora's Box' which was voted best Movie also, produced along with Louise Kristan-Faulds and Arwen Juneberry. Last year, Nikki Arlington reigned supreme, winning both Director and Best Movie for 'Sketched'.

None of the past winners are entered this year. In any categories, I don't feel it's right I enter anything, and have not since I became a group owner and running this blog. Emmanuelle as the other group owner has not co produced, and Nikki has been far too busy in RL. So, I am hoping the guys come to the fore this year and show us some amazing movies, and show off their skills.

Enjoy a gallery from the past winning movies in the 'Best Movie' category below. Watch them after the jump!

Look Out For Entry Forms Attached To 
Pornstars Group Notices!

Emmanuelle Jameson's 'La cagna Ricca'
Nikki Arlington's 'Sketched'

See the movies after the jump!!!

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