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Time Is Running Out! Enter The Sexiest® Awards Today!

Time is running out!!! You have until the end of this month to enter The Sexiest® Awards! Remember this year it has both Photography and Movie categories. Directors, Actresses, Actors, Models, and Photographers you are all eligible for these prestigious award nominations.

Look out for entry forms attached to Pornstars Group notices!

Are you ready for one of the most exciting events that will actually get you to look at something we all love to do…

The sexy and sultry October Bettencourt is heading the 2014 SL The Sexiest Awards and has invited a panel of judges who are a part of the of the movers and shakers on the Grid… And not the twerking or booty popping side - unless you count those wild parties!

The panel is made up of an array of designers, magazine owners, builders, real life film editors and marketing executives, machinima makers, and prestigious photographers.

She has personally chosen each judge for their expertise and professionalism. They come from the commercial side of the grid whose primary role in SL is all about creativity and perfection. The judges are diverse in gender, race and sexuality.

Having formed the judging panel, she will simply to correlate the other judges’ votes and determine the eventual winners. The only circumstances where I might be required to cast a vote are described below.

Furthermore, ONLY she knows who is on the Judging Panel – no one else. Even the judges themselves do not know who else is on the Panel!

The judges’ names will be publicly announced during the week of the show.

The Judging Process

The judging process is divided into two rounds.

In Round 1, we determine the five “nominees” from all entrants in each film and photography categories These nominees go forward to Round 2.

In Round 2, we determine which of the five nominated films wins the category.

Louise kristan-Faulds. By Jinx Jiersen.

There will be 9 categories.

The award for the Best Film of the Year. On the surface some may think whoever wins best director will win this award. This is not the case, often in the RL Oscars the two winners are not the same. many criteria will be weighed up when choosing best film, directing among them, it will be the movie which pulls elements from all categories together, and on balance stands out in the judges eyes as the best all round film.

The award for the Best Director of the Year. Directing a movie is not just pointing at the action and shooting. The criteria for this award will take in everything from locations, sets, camera angles, lighting selections, shadows ( if used or needed. ), how they presented the plot, story, or concept, and choices of animations, and anything which the "Director" should control in world.

This award also covers the Best Editing of Picture, Or added Visual Effects, Music, and Sound in a Movie This Year. The criteria for this award will be traditional editing done well, as well as all other manner of added "Post Production" work. Special effects, innovative transitions, or compositions of scenes after filming has ended. Including music and sound, and all general "polishing" of the movie.

The award for the Best Actress of the Year. This is one of the three "Non Producing" categories. Actresses cast in any movie can enter themselves in this one. Pick whichever movie shows you at your SEXIEST®! Quite simply, whichever movie in 2013 showed you at your hottest.

The award for the Best Actor of the Year. This is one of the three "Non Producing" categories. Sexiest Actor, also including Shemales, cast in any movie can enter themselves in this one. Pick whichever movie shows you at your SEXIEST®! Quite simply, whichever movie in 2013 showed you at your hottest.

The award for the Best Storyline in a movie this Year. Anybody who provided a Producer/Director with a script and story for a movie is eligible for this. As well of course are the Director's/Producers who developed stories themselves.

For Photographers only. The best judged SEXIEST® photograph. Sexiest photo takes in many of the same details as Best Film. But doesn't move. It captures a single erotic moment better than any other.

The Best Female model in a photo. Please state the Photographer who took your picture in the entry form. You are free to enter yourself as a model in others work.

The Best Male model in a photo. Please state the Photographer who took your picture in the entry form. You are free to enter yourself as a model in others work.

The award for the Best New Performer of the Year. This category is open to Actresses, Actors in movies, and male or Female models in photography projects. Limited to those who started their SL Adult Career in 2013. This is one of the "Non Producing" categories. Actors/Actresses or Models cast in any movie or projects can enter themselves in this one. Pick whichever movie or picture shows you at your SEXIEST®!

Jinx Jiersen. By Jinx.

Round 1 - Determined by February 7th

In Round 1, each of the judges assesses the nine categories.
Each category has *at least* 2-3 (but usually more) judges assigned to it and “Best Film” obviously has twelve.

Each judge watches all the films and photos that have been entered into the categories they have been assigned and reports the five that they wish to go through to Round 2, in order #1 to #5.

The five nominees per category as follows:
1st placed film is awarded 6 points,
2nd placed 4 points,
3rd 3 points,
4th 2 points
5th placed 1 point.

All the marks from all the judges assessing that particular category are added up and the highest scoring five films go through to Round 2. These five films become the categories’  “nominees”.

If there is a tie for the 5th placed film in any given category then I have a casting vote to decide which of the drawn films goes through to Round 2.

Round 2 - Determined by February 21st

Round 2, we introduce a marking/scorecard system.

Each judge is assigned to each film and photo category. The nine categories will be different to the four they were assigned in Round 1.

Each category has judges assigned to it. “Best Film” has all judges scoring it.

THE SEXIEST® - simply scores the film on its overall sexiness.

The judges report back the order in which they rank each film #1 to #5 in these areas for each category.

The calculated results as follows:
6 points will be awarded to a judges’ top ranked film in a specific area,
4 points for the 2nd ranked
3 for the 3rd ranked
1 point for the 4th ranked.
No consideration is given for their last placed film in a given area.

Each judge awards a total of 14 points per area (6 + 4 + 3 + 1), a total of 70 points per category (14 x 5). A judge can award a maximum of 30 points to a single film per category (Five 1st place rankings, 6 x 5).

The total number of points each of the nominated films has been awarded by all the judges assigned to that category is converted into a percentage score.

The film with the highest percentage is pronounced the winner of the category.In the unlikely event that there is a tie for 1st place, I will cast a deciding vote.

In actuality, the process is not as complex as it sounds when put into written words. A handy spreadsheet does all the hard work!

This is a “winner takes all” contest. There is no runner up places, nor will the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th placed nominees be announced or made public.

It remains only to say, good luck to all and may the Best Erotica Star win!

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