Saturday, February 1, 2014


A quick word about the judging of THE SEXIEST® Awards: Different.

Different categories. Different judges. Different point of view.
I think it's going to be really exciting.

A big part of the reason is that October Bettencourt will be our Head Of Judging. She's a skilled photographer, model and heads her own fashion brand. She's not only smart and artistic, she's also one of the most energetic people I know.

October also has connections to amazing people that aren't just in our group. All she's told me so far is that she has a full panel of judges and some of them are famous in SL. It will be fun to see the fresh perspective that they bring to our work. And it will be great to see how our work inspires them.

I'm also excited that Photography is a part of the show this year. We've wanted to hold a photography awards show for over two years. And now it's finally happening!!

There's so many talented people in our group. To see all this creativity come together is very exciting.
If you're thinking of entering, i hope you do.

It's a great celebration of the work you all do here.

- Emmanuelle

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