Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nikki's 'Pornstars Machinima University'. Find Out More!

Ok, so while I was sitting here on this awesome desk at Elysion Adult Lounge,
(incredible place by the way, if I don't say so myself) I came up with an idea and I wanted
to run it by all of you.

If we've ever spoken you know I'm an artist first and everything else second. I don't claim to be
the 'best'or 'better than' artist, I don't believe there is such a thing, I think of it as my outlook on my
reality- so no matter what we do it's always going to be different and unique from person to

With that being said, I have had some professional training. The tools I've learned are used in order
to drive content and story- and I am often asked 'how did you do that?' or 'what did you use here?'.

I don't keep secrets, I believe that everyone should have the tools they need in order to get their
vision out there- the more stories that are told the happier we all will be, and the more inspiration
we all will have in the creative marketplace of ideas.

So I know a lot of people get discouraged (I do, I'm no different) when they see something technical
that surpasses their current know-how. In my experience it always started out as a moment of temporary
defeat where my small brain would go "Well crap, my work sucks now."

The past few years, however, I've totally changed my mindset. Everything is now a challenge, a benchmark,
an opportunity to better myself and contribute to that pool of creativity that is tangible and real and
amazing to be a part of.

I want a Renaissance people, I want a resurgence of creativity in our community. I want more movies,
more stories.. MORE MORE MORE!!

So I though: "What if a few of us who are interested in participating hold a few Q&A sessions? What if we
pool our technical know how, our resources, and make it accessible to everyone? Would that make stories
possible that aren't being told because the task of execution looks too daunting?"

I'm totally willing, but I need some feedback.

Is this a good idea? Would anyone even be interested?

Initially I was thinking of hosting a 3 part seminar.

First I was thinking we could cover pre-production: How to get your story off the
ground- you don't have to be a writer, but a spine helps a lot- this covers the basic 3 act structure and makes it easy to come up with a solid beginning, middle, ending, solid character arch, plot points, and address some of the practicality of your story. Maybe upload some spreadsheets, structural pdfs, and stuff you can use?

Next would be production: discuss some of the tools used- how to get the shot- discuss some of the ways that SL can make your life easier in post if you get it right during your shooting. Color, windlight settings, camera settings, shooting to edit, and shooting for continuity. Some of the little details that fool the eye into thinking that your seeing a fluid, acute story line, when in actuality you shot the same scene from four different angles and choreographed it so that it looks like it was shot with 4 cameras (just an example).

Last we would cover post: How do you achieve the look you're going for? In most cases this is something you would tackle first. If you're shooting a Noir (hint hint) you want to make sure that you've covered your post structure before you hit record- this is something you'll want to address in pre-production. The frightening question 'Can it be done' and if so, how? We would cover editing tools, budget options for LUT's and Looks, how to get certain compositing techniques down that are so fun to use in this digital place.

I'm just spitballing this, but I think it's important to share the creative spirit. I could answer any questions as to how I achieve some of the looks and structure I execute, I know that much, and if any of you would be willing to participate as resources for the people, please talk to me.

So please, if ANYONE thinks this would be a beneficial thing, please contact me in world, or you can comment below.

I would like to hear some of these questions answered if at all possible...

1. What do you MOST want to know how to do? (If I don't know how to do it you bet your cute lil butt I can figure it out for you)

2. What stifles your creative process?

3. What would you like to see more of in SL storytelling?

4. Would you go to this seminar?

I love you guys, it feels  great to be back. You're all amazing. All my love!

Nikki Arlington

PS. FOLLOW MY FUCKING FLICKER ALREADY... (flickr rage, it's a real thing)

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