Tuesday, February 4, 2014

~Studs Wrapup ~

So whats happening with the Studs of Porn lately... instead of showing just photos of the blog
i thought id spam the blog with a event we got coming up...so first up is a photo made by my awesome
brother Finn Millar... and i added the wording hehe...yeah i know i had the  tough job.. but love how he TOTALLY got my vision.

Studs of Porn will be holding a event at Hard Alley from 1-3pm slt Feb 15th 2014. The money raised will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. This group helps soldiers wounded physically and or mentally from the after effects of War. We will have one of their donation kiosks there and also will be having a date auction!

Stay tuned for the week leading up to the event to be able to bid on some hot steamy Studs, Tgirls, some of our staff photographers Owner G and yes... i am going up for auction also. Your winning bid will get you a a 2 hr date.. what you do and how you work it is up to you and your prize :)

Also looking for businesses and or services  to raffle off prizes... just IM Evangeline Brunswick

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