Friday, February 14, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 14 Strikes Back!

He loves me... he loves me not...

Welcome to the Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 14 part deux! Oh yeah.

We are celebrating Saint Valentine, whose patronage according to wikiepedia encompasses: affianced couples, fainting, bee keepers, happy marriages, love, plague, epilepsy. Most of those things don't seem related. At first glance. Sadly not many bee keeper in this gallery, but hopefully many happy couples, much love, and just a hint of plague! Have a nice time viewing the gallery, credits are at the bottom of the post!

Valentines Day
The Anti Cupid
With Love On Valentines from Rachel
Valentine Day
Happy valentines
Hot Valentine
Happy Valentine's Day!

Bane and Suki_001
Happy VD Rated R
Be Mine 1
San Calentin
2-14-14 Cupid Vixxen_005_01
sweet valentine IIII
Amour IV
Happy Valentines
To Louise. Always My Valentine

This gallery has presented you: Bewitched Difference and her latest valentine, Jadelyn McAuley, Ace Nokkers, Chrissy Zipper, Rachel Swallows, a pic by Arnno Planer, Kittyinda Henhouse with Huchie, Bud Solo, Laura Demonista, Rosa Rhiadra, Lord Bane with Lady Bane, Burly Tigerpaw, Zaria Velde, Carla Draesia, David Dowd with Slassy Saunders, Vixxen Rainbow, Lovely Luvs, Sacha Audeburgh, London Zane, Serenity Kristan-Faulds. Happy Compulsory Romance day, to all of you! You can put your insulin away, we are done with it.

Or...are we?

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