Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 25

We are Rainbows

Welcome to today's Official Gallery o' the Porn People®! Something like that? I am a bit forgetful these days. Oh well! What i am not going to forget , i hope, is how awesome the quality of pictures submitted to The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the The Erotique Reflections Group gets. Some of you even send them in the mail
in world. It's just a pleasure to see everyone's contribution.

So we open today with a beautiful version of what is one of the most popular pictures by the very talented Spirit Eleonara, showing her 'support for the rainbow of people that make up both worlds of RL and SL'. Just love it. What follows is: Sucu Uriza being 'golosa', another fantastic 'tasty' pic by Ash, Raelin Jestyr with Hard Rust, Woozer meeting in biblical fashion Cennie (hmm...), Rix Spyker chatting with Luna Talon, and oh! OWen Gotham with Moon. I like that, showing a few of those hot shots. Then we have Verity Vandex who shows off beautifully the increasing depth of her talents (and field), we have Carmen Luscious, we have Babygirl, a few images by Nakuru Bergamasco portraying the gorgeous Ace Nokkers, Beth Macbain with two very important men in her life and a beautiful story going with it in her blog post (and a lot of hot pics that you can't find on flickr). Then we have, by Mirko Panacek....oh, it's Bewitched Difference. I think i have seen her on this blog a couple times already. And, to close, back from her forced absence we have Nichola Catteneo, in two shots, one by Reggy Sommer, the other by herself. Wow this intro went so long, just enjoy the pics and stay safe!

Golosa "There are two ways to reach me: by way of kisses or by way of the imagination. But there is a 

hierarchy: the kisses alone don't work"
Finishing the Hard Way

you were drunk, it never happened..
Studs & Studette
Studs & Studette
Studs & Studette
Depth of Field test
Dirty Maid
Senza titolo
2x2x2 - A Blog Post
Captivated (2)

with Regan

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