Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: February Magazines

I am a big fan of the magazine format: quite a few publications see the light of the day every year and then fade to obscurity, because, let's face it, putting together a magazine is a lot of work, and a team effort! I have the pleasure to remind you about the fresh release of two of the longest running (and sexiest!) mags in SL, always punctual and with a true professional look from cover to cover.
Both magazines need no presentation and I am sure are already very well known to our readers.

BUSTed Magazine

Busted Magazine February

Lots of SL Pornstars are part of this issue, featuring as models Maria Amor, Kittyinda Henhouse, Lou Moonlight, Erika Thorkveld amongst others, with the fine photography of mainstay Kei Frequency, London Zane, Lexie Jansma, Moonie, Trysten, the owner Rachel herself of course, not to mention columns and articles by the likes of Colleen Criss, Ayara Illios, Bewitched Difference. And that's only to name the Sexiest Pornstars group members! Check out the magazine in its entirety: get your copy now by subscribing at any Busted Kiosk in Second LIfe (slurl to the Busted Magazine office) or check out the notices in the Sexiest Pornstars group, or even IM Elenamicheals Core/ Rachel Swallows herself. I will, but more to compliment her for her work than anything, tho!

Lust Magazine

Issue 20

This February, Lust bring us more of its trademark quality interviews, with as both photographers and interviewers the always captivating Quinn Ying (also seen in her fashion column), the fresh addition Trysten and the even newer one Meg Corral! Amongst their interviewees (does that word even exist?), award winning director Thorgal McGillivary, t-girl superstar Ivori Faith, photography sensation Athena Obviate and the very well known Kittyinda Henhouse, providing pictures for her interview with magazine owner Barrett Hawker as well.
And if you are looking for good advice for looking fabulous for your Valentine, go for Emma's Hot Tips, by THE Emmanuelle Jameson.
You can check out the whole issue on their website!

Please feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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