Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards : Nomination Announcements Imminent!

The Sexiest Awards - March 2nd

I have started to get the first Nominations results through from the Head Judge 'October Bettencourt'. I just have a couple of details to clarify before i publish. The first Category Nominations posts are imminent though!  I will be doing all i can to give everybody as much notice as  possible that they are nominated and attending the awards, publishing as soon as i get the information from the Head Judge.

As we await the nominations, Its well worth making a note of the date for the show itself. March 2nd 1.00pm SLT.

If you're nominated you will receive an invite to this exclusive show. Which in previous years has never failed to deliver on the glamour and a showbiz atmosphere! With a public 'After Party' following the show it is certainly one for the calendar.

Mark it up! Ensure your RL does not keep you from this famous event.

The Sexiest Awards - March 2, 2014: Who will take me home?

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