Friday, February 28, 2014

Tips and Advice from Pornstars

I started a new idea at Porn Info Center in second life

when it comes to working with the new people.. We now have a small studio set up to the right of the center... the info photo on front.. click it and you will get a notecard/interview. Send it back to me
( Eva Brunswick) with your NAME on it please. I will get a photo dressed and undressed or partial
of you and this will be your introduction the the New person gallery blog posts. Be sure to check out the info center there is alot of notecard givers with info for men and women starting in porn, lists of directors and photographers and lists of blogs to check out. ALSO if your not on those lists and want to be .. hit me up in world with your info id be happy to add you! 

Not much to pass on this month for tips and advice i apologize its been crazy in months topic tho is for you men.. and seeing its for the men i need a few men to interview and photos... its about ..what is your fav male attachement to wear.. brand and why Areos or excite  or whatever is out there.. i have no clue and when i get a new guys asking me i know brands but .. as far as i can go .. so if youd like to sit down and chat with me about your pole...or showme what you got... *grins* then hit me up inworld.

                      Eva B and Elroy Click

that's all i have... short and sweet.. good luck to all this sunday in the awards.. and to give a little smile on all the .... excitement.... (i just try to remember  everyone has their own creative styles and way we portray it and do our work... what might look great  to one person might not to another..).
and its morning i need my coffee so take that as you will and here is a funny  pic of my sl brother
Finn Millar and I..

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