Thursday, March 13, 2014

A big release: CRiTiCaL MeSS

Afternoon Delight 02

Amagad, Critical Mess Production, aka Carth Menna, was in upload mood yesterday.
I am not sure about his schedule and avalaibility at the moment, since his Flickr message says 'Away from SL' but during his few weeks of silence he has at least worked on three supremely hot sex photoshoots. And i present to you the first two, featuring 'Alianora' and 'Mari'. Just have a look and enjoy it all in his stream.

Afternoon Delight 04

Afternoon Delight 05

Afternoon Delight 08

Afternoon Delight 08

Enjoying Mari 02

Enjoying Mari 03

Enjoying Mari 04

Enjoying Mari 05

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