Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hollywoods Sexiest - The Rise and Fall Of Thorgal McGillivary

Hollywoods Sexiest - The Rise and Fall Of Thorgal McGillivary. The latest movie from Virtual Immaturity Entertainment and its Sexiest® Award winning Director Thorgal McGillivary.

Just about everything which earned Thorgal's award was on show in this latest production. The usual awesome camera work and looks captured on video. Top notch 'Videography', editing, and the wonderful flowing concept running all the way through. Produce yet another high quality offering.

I loved the plot and concept very much, and it was fun to see something so recently topical, featuring recent big events in Thorgals SL Porn career. Plus his taste in web sites on his lap top movie prop is impeccable! You can even see me on it! Fame at last! Some really nice details and touches can be seen throughout, as in all Virtual Entertainment productions.

A great cast is the icing on the cake. Packed full of Sexiest® Award winners and nominee's. Miss Emily, Eva Brunswick, Ashlynn Jameson, and Thorgal himself of course, all star.

Check out some of the press release screen shots below, and watch the movie after the jump!

Hollywoods Sexiest

Hollywoods Sexiest Hollywoods Sexiest

Hollywoods Sexiest

Watch The Movie After The Jump!!!


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