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Lisa and Zuriel's 'Edenfell'


14 Vixxen & Nick_Collage_1

Taken from the first post of the Edenfell blog.

Welcome to Edenfell. My name is Lisa Languish--also known in Second Life (SL) by the names/avatars: Aleshanee Ree, Darina Mistwalker, Susi (, and Vixxen Rainbow--and this is my first blog ever. I'm so excited! You, dear readers, are my guinea pigs as I grow in my blogging skills and learn how to share my SL experiences with the world. As with all new ventures, I will start off rusty and awkward, but as I post more and share more of my experiences, I am confident that I will grow to be an interesting, if not skilled, blogger.

Lisa continues this way:
My SL partner, Zuriel Bedlam, and I are avid role players, and I fancy myself an amateur photographer. I greatly enjoy taking photos of our role play scenarios, as well as random photos of both his and my various characters alone, together, and with friends. [...] Edenfell (also the name of our Second Life home) was created as a means to share the stories that he and I create together along with the photographs that bring our role play to life."

Take a peek at the blog: i am presenting to you a small excerpt from the posts of these first days of March only. You will find there a lot of sexy pictures, showing Lisa's ever growing photography skills, and a lot of exciting scenarios, sometimes only shown in pictures, some other times presented through greatly detailed and passionate stories. Approach those with the right mood and you will easily find yourself immersed in the rich imagination of the duo. They have a real talent for painting really vivid sexual images with their words. It's impossible for me to give justice to the material you can find there, so, again, just visit the blog


Cowgirl Darina

3-1-14 Cowgirl Darina_012_01


14 Vixx & Dar Cowgirls_016_01

The Hungry Dragon & the Elven Maiden
SL is down for maintenance and I since can't access my saved RPs to edit and post stories, I though I would share a photo shoot Zuriel and I did for shits and giggles. Let's just say that the mighty dragon Zuriel got hungry during the session. Very, very hungry...

2-9-14 Damsel in distress_014

Z Fucks Cupid Vixxen
Zuriel sucked in a hard breath from your lips taking him in, the pop of your mouth only driving him crazier. But he wasn't done tormenting his cupid just yet. He lifted from your breasts and slid backwards, but he paused to hook his fingers in your dress. "Oh no, babymine. This isn't going to be over with that fast."

2-16-14 Z Fucks Cupid_012

2-16-14 Z Fucks Cupid_030

2-16-14 Z Fucks Cupid_052

Z & Vixx Use the Little Whore Lisa
He knew what his love had in store for his girl, but for now she was a little moaning whore on the end of his cock with his hand holding her nose tight to his pelvis. Suddenly he slurked Lisa off his dick, pulling it free of her mouth to let her get a full breath before the main event began. "Tonight your mistress is going to fuck you with Daddy's help. Are you going to be a good little toy for Daddy and his love?"

Z and Vixxen Use Lisa_Cartoon_02

Z and Vixxen Use Lisa_Cartoon_03

Strapped in a Chair and Fucked by a Herm
With a deliciously painful pop, the head of that cock prodded inside, making her quake. But Stacey forced herself steady to hold it more than halfway inside your tight cunt. "Ahhhnnn! Hnnn...hfff...Ffff... Ss-see..? I fit! Nngh!" Neither Z nor Jay had this kind of stretch to them; Stacey felt her shaft mauled into shape from your pussy clamped down on her dick. But even with that tight of a hold, she found the hungry resolve to start bucking her hips, taking that tunnel in deepening strides of fat meat plowing those walls apart.


-14 Vixx & Stacey in the Chair_021


-14 Vixx & Stacey in the Chair_039


-14 Vixx & Stacey in the Chair_059

Playing in the Yard
No story this time. Just some photos.


14 Vixxen & Nick_Collage_3

Lots more on the blog! Have fun finding out!

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