Thursday, March 13, 2014

Look Out For... Ada Pollemis

Test III

A couple of days ago, in the Sexiest® Pornstars in-world group chat...

[2014/03/09 06:32] Ada Pollemis: Hello, I am looking for pretty faces. :) I build my portfolio so at the moment i m working for free. If anyone is interested - write.

I am not sure how fast her contacts window filled up in a concerto of 'new IM tab' chimings, but when you look at the quality of her pictures, i think she is gonna be in high demand. Enjoy a little selection from her first shoots.

Bewitched Difference

Be ♥ I

Be ♥ III

Be ♥ V

Be ♥ VI

Be ♥ VII

Christy Mack
Christy I

Christy III

Christy II

Miss Fortune
Anna & Ada

Anna & Ada II

Anna & Ada III

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