Saturday, March 15, 2014

Look Out For... CRiTiCaL MeSS Productions

Late Night Redezvous 03

As i said on my previous post a couple of days ago, Critical Mess Production, aka Carth Menna, has been in upload mood.
I present to you a selection from another 2 sex shoots he did. What can i say ? Each picture could have been a Sexiest® candidate. Great choices of angle, well polished images, super sexy models. This time 'Jenni' in 'Late Night Rendezvous' and 'Barbie' in 'Barbie Meets Carth'. Have a good time enjoying these 2 sets, spectacular finisher included, on his stream!

Late Night Redezvous 01

Late Night Redezvous 05

Barbie Meets Carth 03

Barbie Meets Carth 04

Barbie Meets Carth 06

Barbie Meets Carth 07

Barbie Meets Carth 09

Barbie Meets Carth 11

Barbie Meets Carth 12

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