Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New to Pornstars Gallery

Welcome to the new version of New to the Pornstar Group Gallery... now we will be showing pics along with a quick bit of Info on the members. If your new to the scene and wondering how to get in on this...
you just need to pop over to the Porn Info Center ... to the right of the building is a studio and get you info card there ... SURL to center is

Now for a few new people to show...

First up we have Cinn ( Ozzie Maggs) this sexy Aussie has been in sl for 6 yrs and 6 months... and looking to get into the porn business.. as you can see by the pics she deff has the knack for modeling. She has done sone modeling for a lady who is her guide/mentor in secondlife. She feels very lucky to have her help her along the way .
She is from  the down under ( Australia.) and usually in SL from 5am to 7am SLT Sunday thru Thursday and wednesdays from 2pm to 4pm SLT

Her sexual prefrences " Bisexual in the main, however was in lesbian relationships for 4-5 years, currently dating a lady and have been for last year or two. She supports me. So in short yes i do sleep with guys, but not likely to date them, sorry boys...

Anything you will NOT do: "Anything that makes me feel uncomfortable, i will let you know what that is. I do have limits. I will tell you <3 "

Little info to pass on about Cinn that she previously wrote articles for a female domination magazine called Femdom Magazine. She understands the basics of photography , was in a short non porn movie made by a friend...
So there you have it on Cinn... if you like what you read and See look her up!!

Next up is Charles Parker CharlesSpain)... i have gotten to know him and he is a total sweetheart... from Spain in RL... and has been around SL for about a year and a half.. he has been around to the parties watching and getting to know us all... his time zone is SLT+9... and you can normally find him around 11am to 3pm slt but is possible to modify that if necessary.
Charles is as new as you can get to the scene... so ladies be gentle and break him in good... but gentle... please *winks* 

Last up we have Jack...(jaquelinestout) or also can be called Jackie or Rosey... but if you look her up in pornstar group its Jack... she has been in sl for a few months and lucky us has found her way into the porn world... poor just kidding we are glad to have you. She is also from Spain.... Madrid...ohh scrolss up what are the odds are 2 Spaniards are from madrid and next to each other here.....(just realized that was not planned)  okay back to info Eva....JACK is usually in SL 4-8 hrs dpeending on RL...from
2am PLT to 7-8pm PST  (SLT) her sexual prefrences is Pansexual ( open to all sexual preferences/genders)
So is there anything you will not do?: "Ageplay, Extreme violence (gore) Scat and watersports (full videos about it, I can and I will take golden showers)
She is new so no experience and is looking for a mentor and info fpr improving her looks/avatar.. so here you go if someone wants to take her under thier wing and  bring her into the  SL porn world!

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