Friday, March 28, 2014

Stop The Hate ~Diversity is a treasure~

Stop The Hate!

The 'Stop the Hate' project launched by Nakuru Bergamasco has stimulated a lot of creativity from people all over the grid. I repeat his original message:

This is a project idea I would love to get going in SL and Flickr for the Month of March.

friend of mine is being harassed and griefed by homophobic idiots, been going on for 3 days now, he muted and reported them they keep making alts to come after him and harass him, he to the point of tears, but I was thinking maybe get some photographers and porn group members together and have them spread the word and lets try a stop the hate pic event for March, everyone do a anti bully or hate pic and post to flickr,

Let it be known how you feel, write it on the pic, or in the description,

Thank you....
Nakuru Bergamasco
straight man with friends from all over the sexuality and racial rainbow, and proud of it.

Here's the Stop the Hate flickr group. One of the pictures in it, by Erika Thorkveld, contains this message:

In a perfect world, we would all be the same and no-one would get annoyed for their sexual preferences...

We're not in a perfect world, we're all different. But that's not a problem, that's a treasure! And nobody should ever be judged or even less bullied for what their partner have on their chest or between their legs compared to what they have themselves!

Stop the Hate!"

And the difference is well represented here. Here's the pictures that break down the one submitted to the group. They feature the wonderful diversity we can find in SL. I strongly believe in the fact that most of our readers can appreciate beauty in all forms. If you can't, i am sorry, I am sure I disappoint you daily with the gallery posts! But no matter what your taste is, I hope you don't judge those who don't fit it.
I leave the credits to Erika, and OMG so many words already, here's the pics.

I just wanted to do something for the Stop The Hate campaign, didn't really have an idea at first - the big themes rarely inspire me - but then I just thought about what I am in here, and the idea was there!
Loads of thanks to: (takes a deep breath) Pria, George, Fleur, Graham, Cath, Mirko, Mat, Tati, Shannon, Yana, Meli, Ash, Kyle, Mels, Kat, Daph, Marika and Sandra! Oh, and Alex of course. *grins*

Stop The Hate! - Pria & George

Stop The Hate! - Fleur & Graham

Stop The Hate! - Cath & Mirko

Stop The Hate! - Mat & Tati

Stop The Hate! - Shannon & Yana

Stop The Hate! - Meli & Ash

Stop The Hate! - Kyle & Mels

Stop The Hate! - Kat & Daph

Stop The Hate! - Marika & Sandra

Stop The Hate! - Alex & Erika

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