Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stop The Hate ~To Support Tolerance~

Stop the Hate Anti Bully Add

The project born from Nakuru Bergamasco's idea and indignation for the bullying suffered by a friend of his, continues. I repeat his original message as well as his original pic

This is a project idea I would love to get going in SL and Flickr for the Month of March.

friend of mine is being harassed and griefed by homophobic idiots, been going on for 3 days now, he muted and reported them they keep making alts to come after him and harass him, he to the point of tears, but I was thinking maybe get some photographers and porn group members together and have them spread the word and lets try a stop the hate pic event for March, everyone do a anti bully or hate pic and post to flickr,

Let it be known how you feel, write it on the pic, or in the description,

Thank you....
Nakuru Bergamasco
straight man with friends from all over the sexuality and racial rainbow, and proud of it.

Here you can find the Stop the Hate flickr group, and add your thoughts and experience to it. In picture form.

A few initiatives have sprung throughout the month: again as i said in the first post, I hope everyone approaches this with the right attitude, putting meaning behind their words and using their pictures and efforts to testify and show support, and live by those ideals. I share in particular the message of the pic that closes this post.

Start the love.

Stop The Hate Event

Bullying Stops Here

2-23-12 Vixxen Rainbow StH_001

Stop The Hate (Paradise)

Stop the gay hate....

Held Back

Ceara n Crys

Ceara and  Crys
Start the Love.

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