Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Mar 15


Hello and welcome to this Saturday's Official Pornstars® Gallery. To maximize your enjoyment of it, you are recommended to assume the same stance Laura Demonista has in this opening pic. Of course, your choice of undergarment could vary, altho lace is ALWAYS sexy!

We have today: 2 pics of Jeanne Sahara featuring photo savant William Weaver, Shuougun with City Hurricane (cityversuscity Resident) in the pic which opens their new blog , we have Rhiannon Tamerlane turning all cyberpunk, and so does Marika Blaisdale. We have two exquisite close-ups by Ash, we have Graham Collinson ego tripping, Tsai Cheng by Vierithra, the luscious Anetta Larsson, Jade by Stolen Sword, Deidre Paulino by Chloe Nicole, Junah. Then, since cleanliness is next to godliness, we give you 3 pics of yet another steamy Rosa Rhiadra shoot, with Edvard Taurion, and one picture by the ever skilled Kittyinda Henhouse. I close the gallery relaxing a bit on the sofa with the adorable Felicia Lynagh and, like the other day, with one of the many excellent pics of Jadelyn McAuley.
Have a great weekend!

ww_010 ww_054 Please Him.... Cyber Rhia 4/4 Cipher 4 your turn my love a gentle friendship Ego Tripping at the gates of Hell II Tsai Cheng Gazing Jade... Leaving Work White Light Making a whirlpool Making a whirlpool Making a whirlpool Relaxed on my sofa_001 Submission

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  1. My goodness, what a lovely selection of pictures to enjoy! Thank you for choosing to include the picture of me with my 'ride'; I was quite tolerably pleased with that set of pictures.