Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: March Magazines part 2

This month comes to an end and you know there's going to be a new batch of exciting magazines hitting the virtual newstands. Like...those two! But, to wrap up the month of March with its St. Paddy's craze, we wish to cover once more...

Eros Magazine

:EROS: Magazine - Cover of March 2014 issue

Once more, this issue presents a really good selection of articles: erotic stories, good sims to visit and enjoy, and photography tips. For the purpose of this blog article we list only the contribution of Sexiest Pornstars members, namely Louise Kristan-Faulds and Graham Collinson, as always working to shoot the models interviewed by magazine owner Lizzie Yazzie. Here's a little sample of featured models Ax (Jonesy0420) by Louise and Sophi by Graham.


Eros - Sophi

And well...there's of course 'The view'. I love this concept, originated by Graham Collinson's idea and carried over with great efficiency by Acey (asettanokkers). It's listed as: 'Four photographers, one model, let the horses of your imagination run free and take shape of a picture'/. I am always inclined to hold my horses when it comes to post about myself, but yeah, I was asked to be the model for issue, and it gave me the opportunity (or the excuse!) to work with people i respect and admire: Kei Frequency, Spirit Eleonara, Tatiana Easterwood, Zaria Velde, not to mention Ace herself. Each one of them is a breathtaking model featured many times on this blog, and Spirit is such a tough act to follow! But here they have shown their photographic skills in pics i am truly honored to have been in. I show you below Kei Frequency's and an alternative version of Spirit Eleonara's. Get a hold of a copy of the magazine subscribing to the ' EROS: Magazine Membership ' group in world, or IMing Aves Williams, or just getting it from some friend who has it, and enjoy the articles, the unblurred version of Tati's amazing pic, Spirit's 'final' version, which I adore, and Zaria Velde's, which i had a blast doing and is on one fantastic set. And i just pose there, you don't have to read any of the stupid things i normally say! What else could you possibly want?

Kat (3.20.14)


Magazine owner Lizzie Yazzie had to step down after this issue due to health issue. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to more issues of her creation, and Aves'. Catch you next month!

Please feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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