Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards Today! : Red Carpet Opens at 11:00pm SLT

Katina - Best newcomer

All Nominee's and guests of The Sexiest® Awards can begin arriving at the venue, as per your invitation  from 11:00pm SLT. Where two photographers await you, with specially set up stations for grabbing your pics as you arrive. This can really make the awards to have a awesome set of red carpet arrivals pictures, so please get along early to pose for yours.

It's also a great reminder, and a nice picture to look back on for you if you're a nominee, or later on today, a winner. Photographers at the red carpet will be Keeley Snowfall, and Mr Jackson. So please give them all your help, as they have a busy and tough task ahead of them. The shows organizers also hope to add further photographers to cover the event and mingle with the crowd.

At the Awards

On the Red Carpet

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