Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Sexiest Photo And Pornstar Of The Day : March 1

The Sexiest Photo Of The Day


Wade by Benjamin Glendale. We're loving Wade! And Benjamin's awesome capture of him. Lovely work, and big congrats on being our Sexiest Photo Of The Day!

Ok..Ok..I picked him because he looks like David Beckham!

*Curses the high tide*

The Sexiest Pornstar Of The Day

At the theatre

At The Theatre. By Marika Blaisdale. Marika is the kind of Pornstar who seems like she's been around a long time already. She fits in so well. ( no comments please. ) and seems a natural Pornstar! Hot looks, great personality, pro active, and active, we hope Marika will be around a long time, and she fully deserves her Sexiest Pornstar Of The Day status.

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