Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Sexiest Photo and Pornstar Of The Day : March 16

The Sexiest Photo Of The Day


TB Joker2. Twalun Boyington. Is it a Sexiest post today or an anatomy class? Focusing very much on some very interesting, and eye catching areas of the body. I just couldn't resist this one ( The photo that is. ). Congrats Twalun you've given us our Sexiest Photo Of The Day!

The Sexiest Pornstar Of The Day

Half Moon

I've always been a huge fan of Black and White photography. Aside from the atmosphere, and eroticism it can generate. It also has the added advantage of equalizing  a lot of scenes in Second Life, and taking the looks towards the photo real end of the scale. This is just plain sexy! Pure and simple, i loved it. Congrats Laura you're our Sexiest Pornstar Of The Day!

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