Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Sexiest® Photo and Pornstar Of The Day : March 29

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

"Blow on these....for luck." By Hard Rust & by Spirit Eleonara. Not only a damn sexy pic, it manages to be quite epic, and even cinematic too. In two different ways: love the colours in Hard's picture, the dramatic light in Spirit's. Superb detail and mood. Congrats you're The Sexiest® Of The Day!

From Hard: Awwww Yeah! This is the way gambling SHOULD be!

From an idea Spirit and I came up with. Spirit did the poses and helped me fix her hair.

Thanks to Stroker and Jackson and Zeo for being patient while we fought with SL to get the pics!

"Blow on these....for luck."

From Spirit : A photo that was set up for a different purpose than to post right now, but I just couldn't wait...impatient I am!

Thanks to Hard for all of your help once again, we really do make a great team. ♥

Photographer/Editor/Model/Posemaker: Spirit Eleonara

Thanks to Zeo, Jackson and Stroker for being awesome as well.

The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day

I've really enjoyed this series from Domino Dupre. It's taken a classic sexy look and featured some well known and very hot Pornstars. This time round, we see Kirsten Smith, and we couldn't resist making her our Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day!

Sere and Kat xoxo

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