Monday, March 17, 2014

The Spirit of St. Patrick's Day: Special Gallery

The Spirit of St. Patrick's Day

I am sure that despite the ability of the Irish to spawn all around the globe, in a lot of countries St. Paddy's Day is not exactly a well known holiday. But hey, it works perfectly in SL and for photography! SO let's see a bunch of the Sexiest Pornstars donning their green garb and fitting someplace in the frame if not in their bodies beer recipients, cloverleaves and various albino midgets.
We open with two of the wonderful pictures from Spirit Eleonara, who inspired the name of this gallery post, and I am listing all the others right now: Rosalee Rhiadra, Deirdre Paulino (x2), Ivori Faith (x2), Julius Antonius, Burly Tigerpaw, Darkangel69 Vig, Bewitched Difference, Maria Amor (x2), and 2 great Happy Ass Monday pics , one by Alex Avion featuring also Ahn70 and Raeyn Sirnah, and the other by the always pretty and spot on Kerri Fegte. Cheers!

The Spirit of St. Patrick's Day Happy St. Patty's Day StPats_001 StPats006 Feel Lucky? Feel Lucky? Leprechaun Happy St Patrick's Day! Snapshot_020 Happy 

St. Patrick's Day Happy S.T Patrick's day Happy S.T Patrick's day 2 Happy Ass Monday
Happy Ass St Paddy's Monday

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