Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tips and Advice from Pornstars...

This months advice is from the men and shemales.... i set out thru the Studs of Porn
Group and asked them.. Whats your favorite cock?

So ..i basically asked them what kind do you use.... any pros and cons to using it .. why they would
recommend this one..

and well i got ALOT of response from a great mix of people so here it is...

Icewind Silverfall   uses Aeros, cause of the customization and matches his avatar, the fit and as he says it looks great. Tho he does mention it looks weird to him if people oversize it. Cause it is so popular.. alot of people use it..

As long as we are on the Aeros subject.. we have

Edvard Taurion  who uses the Aeros Magnus due to its low script and the tilt angle to left and right and the texture. He does mention to not connect to Mama Allpa and the shaftis to thick even on lower settings. But for the Porn business he recommends its the best that is on the market at the moment.

Another review for the Magnus from one of my Fav Shemales - miss Ivori Faith...."Looks amazing. has forskin if you want. Released a beta version with piercings and cum prims. Easy to adjust. Doesnt spam the chat. Best looking cock in SL"

Tessla ( MissShaina Resident) also uses the Magnus... she does mention under cons if your not good at matching colors, the option to adjust your skin tone with a RGB slider might be tricky for you Then she also mentions the hud is simple to use, easy to adjust and alot of options for pubic hair, ball size, cock girth and color change for skin tone, can change what the cum shots look like and the hud can be resized.  She has been using it for a couple years now.. compared to the VSX .. Aeros cocks are easier to control with a less intrusive hud... first one she has been comfortable using as a herm. ( was not able to get her photo to upload :( ... here are photos of Hunter Rose and Joe Lycomedes with Magnus)

I did happen to find someone who uses and likes Excite..Dimon Hax.. his report back to me was he he likes the look and accessories and it has many features. He did say a con was the infamous talking excite body parts - but luckily it can be deactivated easily. Does seem to be lag generating and depending on the combo you take can be expensive. But this is what he has had for awhile now and thoe he mentioned he might be a bit lazy and not wanting to spend the $$ to get a new one.. he isnt worried.. his has lots of fans :)

So in the end.. i guess with whatever cock you get... some of the important things to know for working in the porn business... is as Directors and Photogrpahers.. its great for us if  it
matches-skin tones, its useable - meaning can you make it work with different angles/positions for poses . MOST of all ..please make sure its not TOO big... its hard for us to work a photo when its way to big and goes thru the ladies head or beyond the width of the mouth even with hud opening it and when it pierces thru the tummy.. so just few lil tid bits from me on the subject.
See you all next month...
Advice will be about if your a producer... and want to give some helpful info.. just hit me up inworld.

Eva B xo

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