Friday, April 4, 2014

Catching up with... Fawn Serenity

Dreaming of Summer

Despite my tendency to make a bit of an oversized Pornstars gallery blogging over a hundred pictures per week in it, looking back at Flickr streams of artists i follow with great pleasure, I still see so much work that has not appeared on these pages. Some I simply meant to cover and haven't yet, some are part of short sets already featured with other pics, some didn't receive or accepted late the invite to the Flickr groups, and some, well, some simply i forgot. Ell oh ell.

So, here's a bit of Fawn Serenity's beautiful work from the past couple of months (plus 2 old faves of mine), hoping to see more and more from her!

And yes, I so could have called this Kat-ching up, but come on. I am not that self-centered!

Fireside 4

Fireside 5

Fireside 6


Busted Again n Again

Trapped 6

Silks n Sand


Scooby 3


No remedy

Hot Summer Nights

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