Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter with the Pornstars: Special Gallery #1

Hunting for Easter Treats
What can I say? You are all awesome. I really enjoyed throwing that idea out there, and seeing the diversity of the pictures you could come up with. I credit Serenity for the original concept, and thank Louise, Zuby, Marika, Melina, Tati, Spirit, Eva, Nak, Zaria for the initial feedback and reassurances before I went 'public' with this suggestion to the group, and DOUBLE thanks to everyone who partecipated. Check out the credits in the individual pictures (at least a pic in every set is clickable and leads to the respective flickrs), and I'll try and make the extensive list of everyone involved in another post, a list over NINETY names long (counting just the unique appearances, because a lot of people appeared in more than one pic)! So, more to come later. Have a happy holiday !

Happy Easter Pornstars Like bunnies do.. New Easter Set Arrived Today! Happy Easter I 

said hide the eggs............. Happy Easter! Zombunneh Easter 4-

19-14 Edenfell Easter Bunnies_001_01 Easter goodies random

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