Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Look Out For... Daeana Wierwight

Tyrell 2

Daeana Wierwight has been a student of the game for a long time. A model and artist of rare sensitivity who doesn't just chase trends, it's a pleasure to see her getting to do more in the scene. Like posing for Keeley Snowfall. But what i want to put the spotlight on, is her own work. Her 'Winter is coming' set is a real eye-catcher, and a lovely project. Stopped me in my tracks right away from the first pics, and couldn't wait to see her complete it to cover it in the blog.
Check it out in its entirety, I only put on display literally about a third of it, and enjoy!

Just a little tribute to the Song of Ice and Fire, with some help from [le fil casse] and Elysion.

Arryn 3

Tully 3

Greyjoy 2

Martell 2

Baratheon 2

Night's Watch 2

Lannister 3

Targaryen 2

Stark 2

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