Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Look Out For... Krystal Steal

Krystal meet Sandra

We certainly have to add Krystal Steal to the ranks of the elite vehicle-users. You certain would love to hitch a ride from her. It's a pleasure to feature these pictures from her because they also display new faces in Sandra Marsault (above) and Sinead 'Sin' Lastchance (below). Or the super-hot male model on a great wave of momentum called Charles Parker.

And after a few more shots of 'Cars, Bikes & Krystal', more action with more people involved, in Krystal's Gangbang Party Vol 1! In her words:

Gangbang Party on Krystal with: Brennaghan Bailey, Charles Parker, Jason Rhodes, Larry Vinaver, Zuriel Bedlam, TexasRob McRae!!! You wanna be in the Vol.2? Write me in Second Life!!!! Which, speaking of Vol. 1, brings me, to end a post that could have been a lot longer showing off plenty other intense porn from her flickr, to another side of Krystal Steal : the filmaker.

The last pic is the poster for Cumwatch - Rescue Fuck Vol.1 (see?), featuring herself and Ivster Waddington. There's a lot to Krystal, without a doubt a pornstar with a vaste skillset and a very distinct style.
One to Look Out For!

(hey, that's the title of this post. Dang, coincidence or what!

....Also, look her up as Giselehendrix Resident, since it's her SL name).

Work for a Customer

Charles fucks Krystal

Krystal rides Charles





Krystal´s Gangbang Party Vol.1



Cumwatch - Rescue Fuck Vol. 1

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