Saturday, April 12, 2014

Look Out For... Laveau Tornado

EroXXX Model_Talhya page1

Err, what are you doing, Kat? You are doing a feature about Laveau Tornado and open with a pic of Talhya Sieyes? Well...Yes! Because Laveau is the photographer, because Talhya is gorgeous and it's always a pleasure to show her off, and, more to the point, it was browsing Talhya's flickr that i first stumbled into the awesome Eroxxx Productions website containing Laveau's *amazing* work with SL comics. I know, I was late ! There's a couple i am dying to feature more properly on the blog, and I will.

But anyway, Laveau has started to upload more on flickr, and i am so happy about it. She put up a lot of sexy pics, and, while I still reccomend you very warmly to check out her excellent comic book work, just enjoy her beauty in her own pictures. And more Talhya to finish the post off.

Laveau_Emmanuelle's Chair


LongFurCoat of White Mink page2

PunkRocker Laveau

Sweetest Dream snapshot

Sweetest Dream snapshot1

Sweetest Dream snapshot2

Bodies and curves

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