Sunday, April 6, 2014

Price Update On 'SL Go' Android Viewer!

I recently ran a post introducing the new Second Life Viewer for Android devices. Tablets, Phones, and low end Laptops 'SL Go'.

In the article i drew attention to what i felt was a very over the top form of billing, over $2.50 an hour! To use SL! This even saw protest parties in world at venues like Hard Alley. We appreciate that this Viewer does a little more than the regular one, ie using 'OnLive's cloud streaming service' a special extra server, but just because it's a cloud, doesn't mean we need 'sky high' pricing! ( I was tempted to say, 'every cloud has a golden lining', for them at least, but held back. )

I'm pleased to say the outlook is a little better now. As the new billing for SL Go is, $9.99 a month for unlimited use or metered service at $1 per hour, and availability in almost all of Europe. Read all about it here.

In the review linked above, you can read how impressive, and very useful the Android viewer is. I think the new pricing might tempt me if i was on the road regularly or away from my PC a lot, but my present routine won't see me getting 'SL Go' any time soon.


  1. I take full responsibility for this change. Obviously, the Lindens caved under the pressure brought forth by my Protest Party! /flex

  2. Thanks for that Hard :)

    Also thanks for a a great article Sere!