Thursday, April 17, 2014

Surprise! It's Easter with the Pornstars !

I'm late...

No, I did not set my clock way too early, I know it's not Sunday yet. I just wanted to hump Lou. No, i mean....I am just here to pitch our Sexiest Pornstars Easter-avaganza® !!! ...ok I am not sure it's a really catchy monicker. Anyway !
During previous talks with Serenity about an old idea of hers, I thought that something like this could be a good initiative.

I have already begun to involve some photographers in this, and I thank them so much for their cooperation, especially because they made me really feel that they both enjoy do something for the community and they felt the idea stimulated them creatively.

So what is it?

The idea is:

- Get from MP this set:

- rezz it (duh)

- grab people from the Sexiest Pornstars group and do on this set a group picture (at least 5-6 unless your pc really can't handle it!) !

(use group notices and chat to schedule your shoots if you wish, of course!)

What do you 'win' or 'gain' from this? Absolutely nothing. Hey, don't close the window! Dammich!
All pics by and with group members will be published on Easter. I think it's a nice thing to do this, because it allows photographers to get creative, and to work with more people.

You can modify the set, as MUCH as you want, add elements, use as many people as you want. any windlight, any background, any angle. I would encourage you to use this chance to put in the pic some people who have not really been much in pictures, if possible, or those with whom you haven't worked yet.

Just see what you can come up with, involve others, have fun!

Like I said, it's not a contest, it's done for fun, put some crazy stuff in your pics, be as silly or as naughty as you wish. We have nearly 1000 members. We can easily involve 50 people in this, do you think we can shoot for a goal of 100 people, or do I have to wait Xmas to try this again? I hope not !

Special thanks to those who already accepted and are working on this, you made this possible contributing with your ideas and feedback. I have tagged you in the post and will add you when you confirm your contribution, I know RL can be demanding. But without you, the idea would have remained on paper.

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