Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: the 1st of April


It's time to get a bit serious. It was a lot of fun to do something a bit different for this April Fools' Day tho, and i have to thank again everyone involved in the Gallery (especially Louise, Serenity, Zuby, Tatiana, Stefan, Graham for making exclusive pics for this -knowingly or not!), Trysten for the 'extra' pic in the chair set, Nearly for his set, and Junah for her idea and encouragement. I am glad she was able to complete her Margaret set in time and you see it here. But now, after the Sexiests pic, it's time for even more hotness. Playing some catchup once more. You guys are so awesome I'll never be able to keep up!

We have Laura Demonista in pure sexiness, Priscilla Minotaur by Maximus Mil, Marika Blaisdale experimenting with rain, the LUSTful Quinn Ying, the ever surprising Dokielicious Doobie with 2 very lucky guys and one indifferent cat, some impressionist porn with Fleur Coco by Graham and again with Laura, glimpses of a wild sex set by Moonie featuring herself and Ivori Faith and Seddy Suicide.
We have then Anita Dark with Shuougun by Meg Corral, Kittinda Henhouse shooting Bud Solo and Bewitched Difference, Sandra Palletier in her trophy room (featuring Ivori Faith, Anais Misawa, Veronica Rachter, Anita Dark Vuitton, Devon Adams, and Ace Nokkers). Followed by a personal favourite of mine by Tatiana Easterwood, including yours truly as the cumsulting detective and Marika Blaisdale as the suspect. We have then Yana Grau, Murderdolls Sveta Shevchenko and closing with 3 absolutely breathtaking pics by Lacie Babenco featuring Tanzi, and the ever funny and sexy Kerri Fegte, not to miss the Topless Tuesday. See you in a few hours, guys!

Tender Flower Priscilla in Heaven Rainy After the Date Cox Romana Submarines are diving deep II Monet Porn (except its not actually porn ) The 

Girl Scout A Night to Remember be & Bud be Trophy wall "Boss, I finally got her DNA..." Just me "*PS*Me With Small Booby"" Bedroom Tanzi 1 Bedroom Tanzi 3 Bedroom Tanzi 4 Topless Tuesday 4.1.14

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