Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 02

I'm gonna be late... Oh look! It's the Official Pornstars® Gallery! I'm gonna be late.
No I know i am not, that's the title of this super-hot pic by Moon, tho. Featuring herself and Zuby Gloom. I like this. We're off to a good start. Provoked to the expression of an emotion.
I am not sure what means, but it's one of the many suggestions and imageries by the visual genius of William Weaver, in our second picture. And i'll stop quoting picture titles now, and just get on with the names!

So here we have Ace Nokkers, Ceri Qinan and Quin Tachikawa in two pics by Melinakis, three from Kittyinda Henhouse with MaximusMil, two very acclaimed SL artists in Laura Demonista (two pictures by her) and Benjamin Glendale, from his new gallery exhibit. We have then another sensual play by Ash, another image of longtime pornstar Aprille Sheperd by Bernard Broono, Deirdre Paulino from a new exciting set, three pics with Domino Dupre and Carla Draesia (first 2 by Carla, last by Domino), and i close with a lovely modeling shoot by Shuougun and another spectacular version of the Zaria/Kes encounter, this time by Kes.

Have a great day, everyone!

provoked to the expression of an emotion... Tropical Dusk II ceriquinsunset10 ceriquinsunset06 By the pool side By the pool side By the pool side I am VERY pleased to see YOU! Ice Ice Baby Worship Home is where you lay your head Aprille 01-13-2013 045 (3) Downtown_004 HOT ON SUNSET_12032014_001 HOT ON SUNSET_12032014_002 Afterwards Exploring.... A Wet Embrace

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